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We at Law Offices of Elaine S. Buck Ltd. view ourselves primarily as legal problem-solvers. Our strongest commitment is to listen carefully to you and to provide skilled, seasoned, and practical legal advice as best options to attain your articulated goals. It will be our role to explain to you the various avenues available: to describe the process as to each option, to educate you, and to involve you in the strategic planning. You can expect from us prompt and individual attention to your concerns and creative legal representation.

We believe that, generally speaking, to the extent to which disputes can be resolved outside the courtroom, the outcome can best be controlled. It is often better to negotiate an agreed settlement with the assistance of counsel, than to leave decisions to the judge or magistrate, who cannot possibly be familiar with every aspect of your individual circumstances. For such reason and others, we will make all efforts to explore the potential for mutual agreement, if feasible. Sometimes, despite all best efforts, settlement efforts break down or otherwise are not a viable option. At such times, you can rely upon us to prepare and manage your case assertively, competently, and ethically through the litigation process, meanwhile maintaining efforts to attain resolution via settlement.

Elaine S. Buck

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your legal needs and to lead you to resolution—whether in the realm of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as Collaborative Law or Mediation; Domestic Relations/Family Law including divorce, dissolution, legal separation, amicable divorce, custody/support, prenuptial agreements and post decree; Adoption Representation including private, agency, interstate, foreign, birth-parent, stepparent, guardianship, grandparent, adoptive-parent, and adult; Surrogacy; or Probate Representation including wills, estate administration, estate planning, guardianship and other probate court matters.